Wedding Band Prices Guide.

It's your wedding day, so make it extra special with bespoke musical accompaniment, composed especially to suit your tastes, your guests and your budget.

Every couple is different, and so is every wedding. That's why we set out so many options for wedding entertainment: allowing you to compose the perfect musical complement to your wedding plans. Have a look at our dream wedding soundtrack for suggestions of how music can enhance your special day.

There are so many options it can be hard to know where to start. You might have a clear idea of what kind of music you would like to have at your wedding. In which case, great: let us know how we can help make it happen. But often, couples aren't sure what their options are and feel unclear about what they can get for their money. This page sets out some of your options and explains what you are likely to get for your money.

If you're working to a tight budget, find out how get top quality wedding bands at affordable prices.

Guide to Wedding Bands & Prices

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Solo performances Available from 200

Perfect for background music, our experienced solo performers are just as happy taking centre stage. Throughout the day, a wedding pianist offers the perfect background accompaniment as you meet your guests; as you join the top table; or as you walk down the aisle. No less versatile, a solo harp recital will add a real note of sophistication to your champagne reception, or to the ceremony itself. Wedding singers in South Wales are a very popular choice, and will have your guests singing along to all of your favourite songs, whether it's crooner classics, modern pop and soul or a bit of everything to provide a diverse mix of music for your wedding.

Acoustics duos and three-piece bands Available from 380

Duos and three-piece outfits offer great versatility and great value. As background accompaniment or filling the floor, these smaller line-ups are perfect when space and/or budget are limited. Experience your first dance to the accompaniment of a favourite song, then have all your guests up with you singing along.

Jazz duets or a piano trio Available from 380

This arrangement is the perfect compromise for those who want a varied jazz sound but do not have budget or space for the full band. Jazz piano, accompanied by double bass, saxophone or trumpet, brings a classic jazz sound to your party, even if you don't have much space. Adding jazz drums to form a 'piano trio' (piano, drums and double bass) makes this set-up even more versatile. Early on, delicate brush-work on drum kit creates that classic jazz ambience. As the party gets going, the trio's up-tempo swing will first get your feet tapping, then fill the floor.

String quartets & classical ensembles Available from 600

As you greet your guests, as walk down the aisle, and as you sign the register, a string quartet or classical ensemble adds the ultimate note of refinement and sophistication to your special day. At the champagne reception, or between speeches, set your guests at ease with a bespoke recital of finest classical music that will really set your occasion apart.

Rock bands Available from 800

Fill the dance floor with a headline set from the best rock & pop function bands in South Wales. Covering all your favourite songs, our wedding bands will have your guests dancing and singing all night long. Before you book, you can view each band's setlist and listen to their live demos to get a good feel for which band is best for you and your guests.

Soul bands and other large outfits Available from 1000

When it comes to wedding entertainment, a floor-filling soul band is surely top of the bill. Offering a set of classic tracks which will appeal to every guest, young or old, a soul band provides the perfect encore to a truly magical day. From Aretha Franklin and Otis Redding, to Wilson Pickett and Stevie Wonder: with every song a soul classic, there's surely no better gift to offer your guests on the most special day of your lives.

DJ's Available from 400

What better way to round off your day than with all your favourite floor-fillers? Our DJ's provide the perfect mix to suit every age group, and will have your guests up dancing with you to timeless anthems and modern classics alike. Offering the very best mobile disco technology, for the ultimate in lighting and sound, you can trust our professional DJ's to really put on a show.

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