We're Recruiting Wedding Bands in South Wales

If you're special, we want to work with you

We work exclusively with mature, professional-level artists with lots of experience performing at weddings and other high-pressure events. Our acts are business-minded and take their work seriously but they love what they do. They are passionate about giving newlyweds a wedding party beyond their highest expectations. If this is you, we really want to hear from you.

We are very deliberately a small agency with a select few handpicked bands. When we recruit new acts, we ask one main question: can we generate regular bookings for this band? If we're not the right agency for you, we won't mess you around or waste your time.

We focus mostly on smaller line-up party bands. We also feature some soloists and duos, plus classical and jazz groups, on our site. We do not actively promote these acts ourselves and enquiries are usually received direct from the client. If you'd like to be featured, just get in touch.

Daniel Pressley, Cardiff drummer

We're musicians, too

We're a small, friendly team. As a musician, you'll be dealing with Suzanne and Martin - we're musicians too. We want to see the region's most committed and hard-working musicians do really well for themselves. That means getting regular, fun, well-paid gigs playing to nice happy people. Preferably in beautiful buildings on balmy summer evenings. Sound good?


Your band at the top of Google where lots of couples will see you.

Fair Pay

Set your own prices, you won't be paid any less. Always paid on time.


Our bands are organised and switched on. They expect the same from us.

We're nice

We're musicians too. And we're nice and easy to work with. How it ought to be.

Bass guitar

The elite of the UK functions scene

Our bands are among the best in the UK and their promotional material has reflect this. You will need professionally-made audio and video recordings, some unedited footage of a recent gig for us to watch (iPhone quality is fine), composed and reportage photos and a sample set list.

What you should expect of us...


We will make sure engaged couples see and hear you. We have a track record of getting the best bands regular gigs. You'll be featured prominently on our website at the top of Google.


We will do all the admin until the final weeks before the gig itself. We will get all the names, locations, requests, timings etc. organised and package it all up so you can focus on the music.


We're musicians, too. We will always treat you fairly. You will be paid on time, and fees will be set by you. We will also be totally honest with you. If we can't get you gigs for any reason, we will say so.

Guitarist on stage

What gets regular gigs for wedding bands today?

With an online agency like ours, just one thing gets the gigs. Promotional material. The right songs and the right price are essential, but it's your promotional material that will sell you as a band. The couples who book you won't see you live so, no matter how awesome you are, they will usually pick the band with the best videos.

What we expect of you...


All our bands are mature, experienced performers with a track record of playing frequent weddings with a stable line-up of regular musicians.


Our acts routinely commit to bookings two years in advance. You would need to be available and committed to honouring bookings at short notice and in the long term.


Our bands are passionate and they feed off the energy of the audience. They look like they are enjoying themselves because they really are. A must for regular wedding gigs.

What you will need...

For us to get you bookings, you will need all of the below.

Evidence of a successful track record playing regularly at weddings and functions.

Professionally-made, multi-camera video footage to promote the band online.

Unedited live footage of a recent live performance so we can see what you're like.

Professionally-made, multi-track audio recordings which represent what you sound like live.

A sample set list which represents which songs you would play at a typical wedding performance.

Professionally-taken photos (Composed and reportage) of you as a band, dressed for a wedding gig.

All sound and lighting eqipment (including PA) required for audiences up to 400 people.

Reviews or testimonials from past clients (e.g. forward their email or a link to Facebook comments)

To be fun, friendly and enthusiastic on- and off-stage. We promise we will be too!

Microphone on stage

How is this sounding so far..?

We're serious about getting gigs for the bands we work with. We build a close working relationship with the select few bands we represent, and we're always honest about what it takes to get regular work.

Full Terms and Conditions

Music HQ and Signature Wedding Bands are both trading names of Music HQ LLP ('we', 'the Agency'). All bookings organised under either brand is subject to the following terms.

Payment of Band Fees

Except in rare cases with prior agreement by all parties, you will be paid by the client directly. The band should arrange collection of payment in the final weeks before the performance.

Exchanging Contracts

South Wales Music Ltd. does not provide written contacts between client and band. If they wish to, bands can exchange contracts with the client directly, once a booking has been secured.

Communication and Contact Details

Bands or their representatives should be reachable at all times. Band contact details may be supplied to clients at any point and without prior notification.

Cancellation by the Client

If the wedding party cancel before a balance is paid then we will consider the performance to be cancelled and you will receive no payment. The only exception to this is where the band and the client have exchanged contracts. In such cases, the band could enforce that contract by any legal means, independently of South Wales Music Ltd.

Cancellation by the Artist

If you cancel your performance, you will receive no payment. Cancellation should be considered an absolute last resort, such as in cases of genuine and certified illness. Artists who cancel without good reason will be removed from Agency listings. Cancelling agreed performances in order to accept other work is not acceptable under any circumstances.

Performance termination or Non-Fulfilment of Terms

If for any reason you fail to meet the terms of this agreement, or if your non-fulfilment of terms should result in a refund being issued to the client, you will receive no payment. This includes technical failure or fault with your equipment, non-attendance by any band members or any other non-fulfilment or partial fulfilment of terms. If any area of your responsibility, including noise levels, incapacity or technical fault, should result in termination of the performance and thereby lead to non-payment or refund, you will receive no payment.

Costs Incurred

Except where explicitly agreed in advance, all costs incurred in relation to this performance are met by the Artist. This includes travel costs, parking costs and accommodation if necessary.

Insurance & Liability

Our maximum liability in all cases, except for actual bodily harm or death, is the full amount paid to us. In the most unlikely case of damage to property, actual bodily harm or death, the offending party is directly liable to the Third Party involved. All acts must have appropriate Public Liability Insurance and must email us a copy of their insurance certificate.

Health & Safety

The Artist and the client are required to adhere to all current Health and Safety legislation. As the Artist, you are required to keep to legal limits of volume and/or sound pressure. Termination of performance caused by triggering of sound limiters will be interpreted as non-fulfilment of terms and may result in reduced payment or non-payment. All requests to reduce the volume of your performance must be accommodated. Hearing protection is the responsibility of the Artist, venue management and individual guests in attendance. South Wales Music Ltd. accepts no liability for excessive noise levels or hearing damage.

Standards for Acts

All our acts are expected to meet our high standards. The below outline gives a guide, but this is not exhaustive. If we feel that you have not met these standards, we reserve the right to withhold some or all of your payment.

Other Bookings

You may NOT take any other bookings on the date of a booking secured by South Wales Music Ltd. This applies to all musicians booked for any given event.


You may NOT promote your act by any means, including handing out business cards, soliciting for CD / merchandise sales or advertising future performances. This would be considered very inappropriate and a breach of terms. If anyone wishes to book your act then you must direct them to South Wales Music Ltd. who will handle the booking.

Risk to You

We can not inspect every venue. Therefore, artists must use their own judgement in assessing what is safe for themselves, their equipment, and any other parties. We are not responsible for any damage to yourselves or your equipment, no matter what the cause.