Daytime Wedding Entertainment Soloists, Duos, Jazz, Classical and More

At Signature Wedding Bands, we're all about the party. Many of our acts offer daytime entertainment as an add-on service, but we don't offer an agency service for stand-alone daytime entertainment.

That doesn't mean we won't help you to find great daytime entertainment, of course! In fact, we have put together this resource to help you find the very best daytime wedding acts in all of South Wales.

The addition of music and other entertainment during the daytime events of your special day can really help things run smoothly. It also helps your guests break the ice - in a lot of cases, they might not know each other yet.

During the champagne reception, some tasteful jazz or a classical ensemble can add a real note of refinement and create an atmosphere of sophistication.

While photographs are taken, a soloist or duo can create just the right ambiance. Most of our wedding bands offer this service as an add-on.

Most important of all, as you walk down the aisle. Perhaps there is a special melody which would really enhance the moment. Having that perfect piece played live before you and your guests can really give the ceremony that little extra spark.

Are we missing somebody special?

If you know of a wedding band or daytime act which you think ought to be listed here, please just let us know. We'd like this section to be as useful and as comprehensive as possible.

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